Easy Collection

French Child's Song - by Franz BehrGrade 1Download
In May - by Franz BehrGrade 1Download
Ah! Vous Dirais-je-maman - AnonymousGrade 1Download
Au Clair de la Lune - AnonymousGrade 1Download
Theme from Andante ("Surprise" Symphony) - by Franz Joseph HaydnGrade 1Download
Melody - by Robert SchumannGrade 1Download
The Harebell - by William SmallwoodGrade 1Download
The Fair - by C. GurlittGrade 1Download
Long Long Ago - by T. BaylyGrade 1Download
Silent Night, Holy Night - by Franz GruberGrade 1Download
Dark Eyes - AnonymousGrade 2Download
Turkish March (from the "Ruins of Athens") - by Ludvig van BeethovenGrade 2Download
Minuet (Don Giovanni) - by Wolfgang A. MozartGrade 2Download
Home Sweet Home - by Henry BishopGrade 2Download
Last Rose of Summer - by F. FlotowGrade 2Download
Gavotte in D - by Johann S. BachGrade 2Download
Cradle Song - by Carl M. von WeberGrade 2Download
Auld Lang Syne - AnonymousGrade 2Download
Cradle Song - by Johannes BrahmsGrade 2Download
Oberon - by Carl M. von WeberGrade 2Download
Turkey in the Straw - AnonymousGrade 2Download
Joyous Farmer (Happy Farmer) - by Robert SchumannGrade 2Download
Avalanche - by S. HellerGrade 2Download
Italian Song - Op.39, n.15 - by Pjotr I. TschaikowskyGrade 2Download
Musette - by Johann S. BachGrade 2Download
Melody in F - by Anton RubinsteinGrade 2Download
In the Gloaming - by J. MolloyGrade 2Download
Sonatina - Op.36, n.1 - First Movement - by Muzio ClementiGrade 2Download
Love's Old Sweet Song - by J. MolloyGrade 2Download
Little Fairy Waltz - Op.105, n.1 - by L. StreabbogGrade 2Download
Theme from "The Unfinished Symphony" - by Franz SchubertGrade 2Download
German Song - by Pjotr I. TschaikowskyGrade 2Download
Peasant Dance - Op.208, n.5 - by Friedrich BaumfelderGrade 2Download
Soldiers' March - by Robert SchumannGrade 2Download
Arabasque - by Johann F. BurgmullerGrade 2Download
Waltz from "Faust" - by Charles F. GounoudGrade 2Download
Funeral March - by Frédéric ChopinGrade 2Download
Tulip - Op.111, n.4 - by Heinrich LichnerGrade 2Download
Trumpeter's Serenade - by F. SpindlerGrade 2Download
The Voice of the Heart - by Henri van GaelGrade 2Download
At Home - by Heinrich LichnerGrade 2Download
Gertrude's Dream Waltz - by Ludvig van BeethovenGrade 2Download
Waltz in E Flat - by Pjotr I. TschaikowskyGrade 2Download
In Rank and File - by G. LangeGrade 2Download
Londonderry Air - AnonymousGrade 2Download
Viennese Melody - AnonymousGrade 2Download
The Star Spangler Banner - by J. S. SmithGrade 3Download
America - by Henry CareyGrade 3Download
Spring Song - by Felix MendelssohnGrade 3Download
Consolation - Op.30, n.3 - by Felix MendelssohnGrade 3Download
Doll's Dream - by T. OestenGrade 3Download
The Swan - by C. Saint-SaensGrade 3Download
Berceuse (Jocelyn) - by B. GodardGrade 3Download
Für Elise (Albumblatt) - by Ludvig van BeethovenGrade 3Download
Curious Story - by Stephen HellerGrade 3Download
Volga Boat Song - AnonymousGrade 3Download
Angel's Serenade - by Gaetano BragaGrade 3Download
Largo - by George F. HaendelGrade 3Download
Gavotte in G - by Johann S. BachGrade 3Download
The Fountain - Op.221 - by C. BohmGrade 3Download
Knight Rupert - by Robert SchumannGrade 3Download
Barcarolle (Tales of Hoffman) - by Jacques OffenbachGrade 3Download
Spinning Song - by Albert EllmenreichGrade 3Download
Moment Musical - by Franz SchubertGrade 3Download
Gavotte - by Johann S. BachGrade 3Download
Prelude - Op.28, n.7 - by Frédéric ChopinGrade 3Download
Prelude - Op.28, n.20 - by Frédéric ChopinGrade 3Download
Album Leaf - by Edvard GriegGrade 3Download
On the Meadow - Op.95, n.2 - by Heinrich LichnerGrade 3Download
Minuet in G - by Ludvig van BeethovenGrade 3Download
La Paloma - by C. YradierGrade 3Download
Grandmother's Minuet - Op.68, n.2 - by Edvard GriegGrade 3Download
Traumerei - by Robert SchumannGrade 3Download
Romanze - Op.68, n.19 - by Robert SchumannGrade 3Download
Hungarian Dance - by R. KleinmichelGrade 3Download
Valse Lente (from the ballet "Coppelia") - by Leo DelibesGrade 3Download
Andante - by Ludvig van BeethovenGrade 3Download
Waltz of the Flowers (from "Nutcracker" Suite) - by Pjotr I. TschaikowskyGrade 3Download
Swanee River (Three American Folk Songs) - by Stephen FosterGrade 3Download
Kentucky Home (Three American Folk Songs) - by Stephen FosterGrade 3Download
Old Black Joe (Three American Folk Songs) - by Stephen FosterGrade 3Download
Gipsy Dance - by Heinrich LichnerGrade 3Download
Waltz in A Flat - Op.39, n.15 - by Johannes BrahmsGrade 3Download
Venetian Boat Song n.2 - Op.30, n.6 - by Felix MendelssohnGrade 3Download
Mazurka in B Flat - by Frédéric ChopinGrade 3Download
Valse Bleue - by Alfred MargisGrade 3Download
Serenade - by Franz SchubertGrade 3Download
Merry Widow Waltz - by F. LeharGrade 3Download
Camp of the Gypsies - Op.424, n.3 - by Franz BehrGrade 3Download
Scarf-Dance - by Cecile ChaminadeGrade 4Download
Song of India - by Nicolai Rimsky-KorsakovGrade 4Download
Prelude n.1 (from Well-Tempered Klavier) - by Johann S. BachGrade 4Download
Le Coucou (Rondo) - by Claude DaquinGrade 4Download
Elegie - Melodie - Op.10 - by Jules MassenetGrade 4Download
Aragonaise (Le Cid) - by Jules MassenetGrade 4Download
Humoreske - Op.101, n.7 - by Anton DvorakGrade 4Download
Chaconne - by Auguste DurandGrade 4Download
Waltzing Doll (Poupee Valsante) - by E. PoldiniGrade 4Download
Tarantella - by A. PieczonkaGrade 4Download
Ecossaises - by Ludvig van BeethovenGrade 4Download
On The Beutiful Blue Danube - by Johann Strauss Jr.Grade 4Download